Wednesday, 25 July 2007

My First post

A good week to start.The consequences of global warming are upon us or, you can believe the official version.This years El Nino has produced a ridge of high pressure which instead of extending north has moved East condemning the Eastern Med to scorching temperatures whilst the North West of Europe is subjected to Atlantic depressions bringing continuing bands of rain across the country.

Anyway it's not as bad as 1947.

Gordon Brown probably couldn't believe his luck in the final Pmq's of the season.David Cameron could n't go on the offensive over the inadequate flood preparations as he,against senior had fled the country.So was left with the prospect of simply serving up platitudes to the PM.
Even Sir Ming gave a wry smile when he mentioned that he,unlike David,was fully aware of the flood damage.

And David was on the back foot in the statement on security following on when Gordon announced a unified border force something that the Tories had been asking for,for some time,along with a review of intercept evidence.

On detention Brown has offered some alternatives,one being to double it to 56 days with a great deal of Parliamentary scrutiny.He cited the complex investigations around terrorist suspects as the reason behind it.